06 Apr 2011

Michael Vick TRASHed Can

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I created a Michael Vick recycling bin for Global Inheritance’s Coachella TRASHed: Art of Recycling program. I’ve wanted to do something in response to the way the public has forgiven Vick after his horrific involvement with dog fighting.

The front side of the can shows Michael Vick walking 3 pit bulls (2 of which are my current dogs and the other is my old dog), all shackled in the same chain. There is a quote from Mignon McLaughlin on the reverse side that states, “What we forgive too freely doesn’t stay forgiven.”

20110406-michaelvick-trashed1_full 20110406-michaelvick-trashed6_full 20110406-michaelvick-trashed2_full 20110406-michaelvick-trashed3_full 20110406-michaelvick-trashed4_full 20110406-michaelvick-trashed8_full 20110406-michaelvick-trashed7_full

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