24 Jul 2012

Joe Frank returns to KCRW

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Joe Frank is a fascinating story teller.  I had a chance to photograph him for KCRW in November of 2010 and he is returning to the airwaves of KCRW to produce an episode of UnFictional, titled “Dreamers.”  The episode will air at 2:30pm PST today, or you can watch it anytime over on KCRW.  I highly recommend listening, especially if you know absolutely nothing about the man himself.

KCRW Presents Joe Frank Live at The Village Recording Studio - Photo by Jeremiah Garcia

21 Jul 2012

Portugal. The Man

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14 Jul 2012


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10 Jul 2012

Farewell TomKat

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The recent divorce of Tom and Katie reminded me of the one time I photographed a red carpet.  It was the closest I’ve come to being a paparazzo and I never want to experience that again.  It was for the opening of the BCAM and it was pretty dull, with the majority of the photographers texting Britney Spears updates back and forth. Toward the end of the night Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes showed up and my paparazzi comrades scrambled to their equipment and began shouting loud (and sometimes vulgar) commands at the quick moving couple.  The sudden shift in energy (and influx of profanity) caught me off guard, but I managed to snap a few shots.  If you want to see more from my red carpet debacle, check out the full Flickr set.


06 Jul 2012

Food is the New Rock

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Food is the New Rock is a hilarious and insightful blog / podcast created by Midtown Lunch’s Zach Brooks and KCRW’s Chuck P.  On their podcast they chat with chefs about music and with musicians about food, so they wanted a T-shirt design that fused the two ideas together.  The drum sticks have their logo on the handle, but they wanted it very subtle, so it is obscured, just as it would be in a real knife roll.



06 Jun 2012

Lisa Merkle Design

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Lisa is a fantastic interior designer working in the Los Angeles area.  She wanted an identity that represented her modern, yet distinguished style of design.  Clean and powerful.  She also happens to have a Pomeranian named Bailey, so his silhouette on the card should be a great conversation starter.



29 May 2012

Bootlegger’s Brewery

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Bootlegger’s Brewery is expanding and part of that process includes redesigning their existing product line’s labels and cases.  They didn’t want to steer too far away from their existing labels, but sought a more updated aesthetic that would work as a whole when placed on the shelves together, yet easily differentiate between styles of beer.


20120529_bootleggers_palomino_full 20120529_bootleggers_rusticrye_full 20120529_bootleggers_carton_full

23 Apr 2012

Coachella Glasses

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Back in 2010, my girlfriend and I started an annual photo project called Coachella Glasses, where we take photos with everyone we meet at the Coachella Music Festival wearing the same pair of glasses.  It’s a really fun way to meet interesting people and document our adventures.

I created a WordPress site to house our gallery of photos, as well as a sticker to give to our participants that works both as a thank-you and a reminder to visit the site.



29 Mar 2012

Daniel Rangel

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Daniel is a real estate agent at Coldwell Banker who is beginning to solidify his brand.  He wanted to create a tri-fold brochure to promote himself while he went door knocking in his neighborhood near Marina del Rey.  We wanted to make something that looks upscale and professional, but also has a “Westide, beachy feel.”


27 Dec 2011

Mixin’ with the Vixen

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Mixin’ with the Vixen is a lifestyle blog that I consider to be the punk-rock version of Martha Stewart. It’s a bit crafty, but with an edge and a better sense of humor.  I created a logo and WordPress web site that has a fun, retro feel that still exudes a youthful spirit.

Visit the website or follow on Twitter


19 Dec 2011

Laguna Street Honey

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Label for home-made, wild and raw Santa Barbara honey.


03 Dec 2011

Are Friends Eclectic?

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I was privileged to play house photographer for KCRW’s “Are Friends Eclectic” Holiday Show at the beautiful Orpheum Theater in downtown LA.  The eternally fabulous Rachel Reynold’s posted a nice wrap-up on the KCRW Music Blog. The LA Times also posted a few of my shots along side their write-up on the Pop & Hiss Blog.


Orpheum Theater at KCRW's Are Friends Eclectic Holiday Show - December 3, 2011

18 Nov 2011

Rolling Stone Hot Photo of the Week!

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Awesome!  My photo from KCRW’s Berkeley Street Session with Ryan Adams was chosen as one of Rolling Stone’s Hottest Live Photos of the Week!

Ryan Adams on Rolling Stone by Jeremiah Garcia


16 Nov 2011

Ryan Adams

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It was a truly amazing experience to photograph Ryan Adam’s solo acoustic show at Berkeley Street Studios for KCRW. Definitely one of my favorite shows of the year.

Read a write-up on the KCRW Music Blog
Watch or listen to the session in its entirety here.

KCRW’s Berkeley Street Sessions featuring Ryan Adams - November 16, 2011

09 Nov 2011


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KCRW Presents M83 at The Music Box - November 9, 2011

09 Nov 2011

Active Child

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KCRW Presents Active Child at The Music Box - November 9, 2011

02 Nov 2011


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KCRW Presents tUnE-yArDs at The Music Box - November 2, 2011

06 Sep 2011

MedStart Art Auction at the UofA

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I donated a painting to help raise funds for MedStart, a program that creates scholarships for minority students interested in careers in the healthcare field at the UofA. It’s a great cause and I’m honored to be able to aid in their fundraising efforts.
The auction is this Friday, Sept 9 with dinner starting at 6:30pm and the auction following.

If you’re interested in attending, contact Sofia Ramos at 520.471.1995 or sramos@email.arizona.edu


04 Aug 2011

King Kong in Paris

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Like most present day stencil artists, Banksy was the reason I started stenciling. Aside from his brilliant stencil work, he also hijacks oil paintings and changes their context. Inspired by these diversions, I hijacked my girlfriend’s cheesy street-vendor Parisian oil painting and added some new elements to it.

06 Apr 2011

Michael Vick TRASHed Can

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I created a Michael Vick recycling bin for Global Inheritance’s Coachella TRASHed: Art of Recycling program. I’ve wanted to do something in response to the way the public has forgiven Vick after his horrific involvement with dog fighting.

The front side of the can shows Michael Vick walking 3 pit bulls (2 of which are my current dogs and the other is my old dog), all shackled in the same chain. There is a quote from Mignon McLaughlin on the reverse side that states, “What we forgive too freely doesn’t stay forgiven.”

20110406-michaelvick-trashed1_full 20110406-michaelvick-trashed6_full 20110406-michaelvick-trashed2_full 20110406-michaelvick-trashed3_full 20110406-michaelvick-trashed4_full 20110406-michaelvick-trashed8_full 20110406-michaelvick-trashed7_full

30 Mar 2011

TRASHed: Coachella

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There’s a LOT of people not going to Coachella this year, which is a bummer for many reasons. The smallest of whic is that people wont see the recycling bin I’ve been working on for Global Inheritance’s TRASHed program.

The good news is, there’s a preview of all the redesigned bins on April 6th! Drop by and check out my Michael Vick “inspired” bin along with over 50 other artists.

RSVP: TRASHed@globalInheritance.org


17 Feb 2011

The Soup with Fred Armisen

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It’s such a treat when you are able to thoroughly enjoy your work. I had a blast shooting some press photos of a taping of The Soup with SNL and Portlandia’s Fred Armisen.

02 Feb 2011

The LA Times, how about that?

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The LA Times used one of my photos of legendary radio dramatist, Joe Frank, for an article in the calendar section.


LA Times Photo of Joe Frank by Jeremiah Garcia

20 Dec 2010


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If I recall correctly, this is the 6th dog portrait I’ve done, and it’s by far my favorite.  Not only is Spencer a really cute pup, but I made two big breakthroughs in this piece.  First, I figured out how to stencil with varnish, so the wood grain shows through the stain.  Second, I recessed the wood panel into the frame to create a little depth, something I’ve been wanting to try for quite some time.  I think it really helps give the piece a polished, finished look.


20101220-spencer-original-photo 20101220-spencer-dog_detail2 20101220-spencer-dog_detail1 20101220-spencer-dog_sig 20101220-gusto-meets-spencer

08 Dec 2010

Some photos from Up the Antics at Art Basel, Miami

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Photos from live painting at Art Basel Miami with Dabs Myla, Surge, Daryll Peirce and Peat Wollaeger.

02 Dec 2010

Hate to Love You So Much

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I’ve been out to Art Basel for the past four years, but this was the first time I painted down there.  As part of Toyota’s “Up the Antics” party, I painted a recycling bin alongside Dabs Myla, Surge, Daryll Pierce and Peat Wollaeger.  The bins were for Global Inheritance’s TRASHed campaign.

Despite having to roller paint my stencils (which absolute destroyed them when they dried) the piece turned out great.  I feared I might get some bleed on the edges, but they stayed clean by using just a touch of spray mount.  It was a blast hanging with friends and jamming to some really loud music while throwing some paint around in the name of environmental awareness.

The text that wraps around the bin is a lyric from “Exhausted Love,” by Eyedea & Abilities.
It says “Even Though I Hate To Love You So Much, I’ve Got No Better Place To Go That’s Why I Always Show Up.”

Huge thanks to Hathaway and Shaun who modeled for this piece.

img_1870 img_1931 img_1888 img_1920 img_1942 img_1946 img_1955 img_1963 img_2043 img_2060 updated_invite

24 Nov 2010

Live Painting at Art Basel Miami, Thursday Dec. 2nd

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In addition to photographing Primary Flight again, I’ll be live painting alongside some of my favorite artists at Art Basel this year. We’ll be painting recycling bins for Global Inheritance’s “TRASHed: Art of Recycling” exhibit.

If you are around Miami next week, RSVP for the event, Phantogram, Twin Shadow and Flosstradum will be playing!


10 Nov 2010

Joe Frank

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For one night only, Joe Frank, Peabody award winning radio writer and performer, brought his exceptional storytelling style to the Village Recording Studio. This intimate studio performance before just 100 guests, was a setting not normally open to the public, let alone the press.  I was the exception.

The LA Times used one of my photos for their article in the Calendar section.  Check it out here.


KCRW Presents Joe Frank Live at The Village Recording Studio - Photo by Jeremiah Garcia KCRW Presents Joe Frank Live at The Village Recording Studio - Photo by Jeremiah Garcia KCRW Presents Joe Frank Live at The Village Recording Studio - Photo by Jeremiah Garcia KCRW Presents Joe Frank Live at The Village Recording Studio - Photo by Jeremiah Garcia KCRW Presents Joe Frank Live at The Village Recording Studio - Photo by Jeremiah Garcia

28 Oct 2010

The Return of Mari and Mike’s Wedding Longboard

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Mari and Mikes wedding longboard has returned with all of the wedding guests signatures.  I really liked this idea in lieu of a guest book.

Here’s the original post.

20100930-mikesweddinglongboard7_full 20100930-mikesweddinglongboard6_full

19 Oct 2010

Broken Social Scene

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I had the privilege of photographing Broken Social Scene’s studio performance at KCRW, which turned out to be one of my favorites so far.  They’re a fantastic band to watch live, so it was a huge treat to shoot them in such an intimate setting.

Watch BSS perform “7/4 (Shoreline)” live on KCRW.


20110120_kcrw_brokensocialscene_02_0 20110120_kcrw_brokensocialscene_03_0 20110120_kcrw_brokensocialscene_04_0 20110120_kcrw_brokensocialscene_05_0 20110120_kcrw_brokensocialscene_06_0

30 Sep 2010

Mari and Mike’s Wedding Longboard

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Mari and Mike wanted to do something in lieu of a traditional guest book for their wedding reception, something that they would actually look at every once in a while.  Mike came up with the idea of having their guests sign a longboard skateboard and since they are having their ceremony in Maui, we went with a classic Hawaiian theme, making sure to leave plenty of space for the guests signatures.

20100930-mikesweddinglongboard1_full 20100930-mikesweddinglongboard2_full 20100930-mikesweddinglongboard3_full 20100930-mikesweddinglongboard4_full 20100930-mikesweddinglongboard5_full 20100930-mikesweddinglongboard6_full 20100930-mikesweddinglongboard7_full

28 Sep 2010

Global Inheritance at Coachella 2010

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I’ve worked on various creative projects with Global Inheritance for the past five Coachella festivals.  This video breaks down last year’s extensive environmental efforts.

25 Sep 2010

Septemberfest 2010

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I’ve photographed probably a half dozen Drink.Eat.Play. events and there’s a reason I keep going back: they are a BLAST!  So much fun to attend and even more fun to shoot. Check out all of the madness in the whole Flickr set.

Here are some of my favorites:

Drink.Eat.Play's Septemberfest 2010 at Sony Studios, Culver City, CA Drink.Eat.Play's Septemberfest 2010 at Sony Studios, Culver City, CA Drink.Eat.Play's Septemberfest 2010 at Sony Studios, Culver City, CA Drink.Eat.Play's Septemberfest 2010 at Sony Studios, Culver City, CA Drink.Eat.Play's Septemberfest 2010 at Sony Studios, Culver City, CA Drink.Eat.Play's Septemberfest 2010 at Sony Studios, Culver City, CA Drink.Eat.Play's Septemberfest 2010 at Sony Studios, Culver City, CA Shiny Diamonds at Drink.Eat.Play's Septemberfest 2010 at Sony Studios, Culver City, CA drinkeatplay_septemberfest2010_jg_157 Drink.Eat.Play's Septemberfest 2010 at Sony Studios, Culver City, CA Drink.Eat.Play's Septemberfest 2010 at Sony Studios, Culver City, CA Drink.Eat.Play's Septemberfest 2010 at Sony Studios, Culver City, CA Drink.Eat.Play's Septemberfest 2010 at Sony Studios, Culver City, CA Drink.Eat.Play's Septemberfest 2010 at Sony Studios, Culver City, CA Drink.Eat.Play's Septemberfest 2010 at Sony Studios, Culver City, CA

22 Sep 2010

Band of Horses

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I am, admittedly, a rabid Band of Horses fan.  I’ve been captivated by Ben Bridwell and Co. since shooting them at their first LA show at the King King in March of 2006.  Since then I’ve seen them probably 6 or 7 times and shot them 4 (if memory serves correctly).  I’ve was pretty bummed that I’d be missing their show at the Greek, so when word came through that I could shoot their KCRW studio session, I was elated.

Their performance was nothing short of spectacular, quite possibly the best I’ve seen.  Here is the KCRW photo post, or you can watch/listen to it here in the KCRW archives, which I HIGHLY recommend.


kcrw_bandofhorses_kcrwstudio_jeremiahgarcia_02 kcrw_bandofhorses_kcrwstudio_jeremiahgarcia_03 kcrw_bandofhorses_kcrwstudio_jeremiahgarcia_06 kcrw_bandofhorses_kcrwstudio_jeremiahgarcia_08 kcrw_bandofhorses_kcrwstudio_jeremiahgarcia_11 kcrw_bandofhorses_kcrwstudio_jeremiahgarcia_15 kcrw_bandofhorses_kcrwstudio_jeremiahgarcia_18 kcrw_bandofhorses_kcrwstudio_jeremiahgarcia_19 kcrw_bandofhorses_kcrwstudio_jeremiahgarcia_20

10 Sep 2010

Interpol photos on MTV

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There is no limit to how far photos will travel when you shoot for KCRW!


07 Sep 2010

Ingleside E-Blast

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Colliers International’s Integrated Real Estate Group (IRES) is starting off on the long adventure that is auctioning off a Naval base.  They brought me in to create an email blast to get kick start the marketing efforts.

The initial email blast is always an exciting endeavor, because it serves as your very first gauge as to the interest in the property.

06 Sep 2010


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I had the good fortune to be invited by KCRW to shoot their intimate show with Interpol on the eve of their album release.  They were patient and pleasant, lead singer Paul Banks even playfully stuck candy bar wrappers (or something) in his ears for the group portrait.

Check out the full writeup on the KCRW blog.

kcrw_interpol_berkeleystudio_jeremiahgarcia_01 kcrw_interpol_berkeleystudio_jeremiahgarcia_02 kcrw_interpol_berkeleystudio_jeremiahgarcia_03 kcrw_interpol_berkeleystudio_jeremiahgarcia_17

21 Aug 2010

Speakeasy 2010

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Drink.Eat.Play. took Hollywood back to Prohibition with its Speakeasy, a Roaring 20’s themed cocktail affair featuring an old timey big band and hand crafted cocktails created by the city’s best mixologists.  Much of the crowd dressed in 20s themed attire while sipping classic cocktails, making for some amazing photo opps.

Check out the full Flickr set here.


20100821_speakeasy_02 20100821_speakeasy_03 20100821_speakeasy_04 20100821_speakeasy_05

19 Aug 2010

Primary Flight Teaser

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Every December I head out to Miami during Art Basel to photograph Primary Flight, the world’s biggest and most amazing site-specific street level mural installation. This shows why it is has become one of the highlights of the year for me.

10 Jul 2010


Apparel, Design Comments Off

Kid Dangerous is taking it back to the days of Zack Morris with this tongue-in-cheek t-shirt design.  I love executing these simple concept ideas, so much of it is based on the illustration.  I also buried a little shout out to the brand within the keys.



24 Jun 2010

B-Boy Snowflake

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T-shirt design for Kid Dangerous.

15 Jun 2010

FutureBuild 2010 Sponsorship Package

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FutureBuild 2010, Urban Land Institute’s annual green conference and exposition is coming up again in October. They needed a sponsorship package to send out that held their existing branding, but updated the look for this years event.

Check out the full package here.

14 Jun 2010

What Do You Mean You’re Mexican?

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I contributed this piece to “How Brown Am I?”, a socially conscious art exhibition addressing stereotyping, racism, sexism, racial profiling and how we see each other. The show runs at Raices Taller 222, in Tucson, AZ from June 19 – July 24.



04 Jun 2010

TOD Summit 2010 Signage Program

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Urban Land Institute hosted the premier TOD (Transit-Oriented Development) Summit at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel. The large conference space required an extensive signage program, coordinating hundreds of participants moving between several breakout sessions throughout the day.

17 May 2010

Sony Modnation x Passion Pit Golf Cart for Coachella

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I teamed up with Global Inheritance and Sony to create a solar powered golf cart to exhibit at the 2010 Coachella Music Festival.  The idea was to create a cart that looked like the band, Passion Pit, had made it in the game, then run it through a race.


07 May 2010

Be Wilder Than They Are, Wear Flames in Your Hair

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“Be Wilder Than They Are, Wear Flames in Your Hair”
Three 24″ x 24″ wood panels.
Stencil on white-washed, reverse decoupage halftone of downtown Los Angeles.

The title of the piece is a quote from The Fortress of Solitude, by Jonathan Lethem.


26 Apr 2010

Street Dreams

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“Street Dreams” t-shirt design for Kid Dangerous.

28 Mar 2010

Distortion MX’s “Dark Energy” DVD Cover

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Distortion MX is a cutting edge music and sound design production company that is creating a series of soundscape DVDs, each one with a different theme.  This was a fairly Photoshop intensive design, involving the fusion of existing stock imagery with freehand elements.

Distortion-Tremors_v9 Distortion-Tremors_v9

28 Mar 2010

Distortion MX’s “Tremors” DVD Cover

Collateral, Design No Comments

Distortion MX is a cutting edge music and sound design production company that is creating a series of soundscape DVDs, each one with a different theme.  This was a fairly Photoshop intensive design, involving the fusion of existing stock imagery with freehand elements.

Distortion-Tremors_v9 Distortion-Tremors_v9

15 Mar 2010

Kid Dangerous Lookbook – Spring 2010

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Lookbooks are meant to portray a clothing brand’s persona while teasing the upcoming season’s line.  Naturally for Kid Dangerous, this required slugging beer at a bowling alley!

The challenge in designing a lookbook is that it needs to be engaging in presentation with every turn of the page, so the layout of each page is very important.

Check out the full lookbook here.


06 Jan 2010

Love Life

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A stylized version of Robert Doisneau‘s iconic photo for a Kid Dangerous graphic T-shirt.



10 Dec 2009

She’s Just So Pretty

Art, Personal Comments Off

I was invited to show a piece in the fantastic Australian duo, Dabs & Myla’s first LA show, “The Golden Age” at New Puppy Gallery.

“She’s Just So Pretty”
30″x30″ wood panel
Stencil on antiqued Maidenform advertisements over vintage dictionary pages.


23 Oct 2009

Green Day’s The Art of Rock: American Eulogy

Art, Commercial Comments Off

In November 2008 the seed for the Green Day Art Project was planted. The concept was to choose eighteen international artists to informally collaborate with GreenDay. Each artist would receive lyrics to one of the songs from the soon to be released 21st Century Breakdown.Then they would produce a piece of art that was influenced, or inspired by the lyrics of the song. Although the artists had the lyrics, they did not have the music that accompanied the words.  The track I interpreted was “American Eulogy.”


Featured Artists:


19 Apr 2009

18&Up “Franz Ferdinand” Golf Cart

Art, Commercial Comments Off

Every year Global Inheritance conjures up new environmental initiatives for the Coachella Music Festival.  This year, Vanessa and I were invited to create a propane powered golf cart as part of their 18 & Up Program, exhibiting alternative energy sources and highlighting some of the festival’s headliners.  Vanessa and I choose to create a Franz Ferdinand cart, based around their song “No You Girls.”  Vanessa took the lead on the interior work and I handled the paint and accessories.



Check out more photos including the build process over on Flickr

06 Sep 2007

Arbor by the Bay

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Logo for a quaint gift shop in Belmont Shores.

07 Aug 2007

BRAC Land Sales

Design, Identity Comments Off

After the highly successful online auctions of Ponte Vista and Heritage Fields, the GSA sought a singular hub for their future dispositions.  Working with Colliers International, we branding the new site “BRAC Land Sales.”  The identity would create a structure for all future dispositions to be similarly branded, as well.

20070523-colliers-orlando_1 20070618-colliers-rr_1 20070724-colliers-novato_1

08 Dec 2006

Full Artwork Gallery on Flickr

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View more of my stencil art on Flickr.

05 May 2004

Ponte Vista

Design, Identity Comments Off

Working with Colliers International, we rebranded former San Pedro Navy Housing as “Ponte Vista,” which loosely translates to “Bridge View” in Italian. The resulting public online auction netted in excess of $2.3 million per developable acre and over 230% of Government sale estimates.

30 Apr 2003

Heritage Fields

Design, Identity Comments Off

Working with Colliers International and the GSA, we rebranded the Former Marine Corps Air Station El Toro, as “Heritage Fields.” After a complex two-year marketing effort, the property was sold in 2005 via public online auction. The transaction resulted in the most BRAC proceeds ever obtained and was hailed as the most successful BRAC disposal to-date.

13 Mar 2003

Can Do Innovative Solutions

Design, Identity Comments Off

Logo for a real estate software training company.